Monday, 9 August 2010

Nuffield Bursary Update (3)

Throughout the course of her Nuffield Foundation project this summer Radhika Patel will be making updates of her progress on our blog.  Her third instalment is below. 

Radhika writes: We wanted to improve the optical tweezers setup I have been working on so this week we partly dismantled the microscope was in order to get a better look at what was inside. Having made some adjustments, Susan and I have returned to aligning the beams, trapping particles and calibrating the trap again. In addition to this, we have started the process of integrating some optical fibres into the setup. Part of the last week was spent learning how to cut and prepare the fibres for use in the setup and actually connectorising some of the fibres.

Phil, Marios and I attended Richard Berry's lecture on Single-molecule observations of turnover, co-operativity and mechanochemistry in a macromolecular complex. As this was the first talk I had attended related to optical tweezing, it was interesting to hear about some of its applications.

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