Wednesday, 12 January 2011

David McGloin Visit and Seminar

David McGloin (Dundee University) is visiting and giving the AMOPP/BioP seminar on Optical manipulation of droplets: aerosols and hydrosomes.

Abstract: In this talk I will discuss work in which my group has developed techniques to optical manipulate liquid droplets in both the air (aerosols) and in another liquid phase (hydrosomes). I will look at hope the optical manipulation of airborne droplets is subtly different from the trapping of particles in liquids in that one can access underdamped particle dynamics in contrast to the conventional heavily overdamped optical tweezers. I will touch on different technqiues for sizing such particles and how droplet composition can be determined using enhanced spectroscopic methods. In addition I will also touch on how optical fields can also be used to manipulate lqiuid droplets in an oil phase, both through direct optical forces and through thermal manipulation, and how this could lead to interesting ways to develop new forms of biological well plates.

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