Friday, 6 July 2012

Royal Society Summer Exhibition

This week we have been at the Royal Society Summer Exhibition 2012 with a display titled POP! The sound of bubbles.  Opposite you can see members of the team explaining the science of bubbles to guests at the soiree on Thu 05 Jul.

The exhibition and our display also featured on the BBC news, and in BBC R4's Material World programme on 05 July. The podcast of this show will be available to download for the next few weeks. 

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Trapping and deformation of microbubbles in a dual-beam fibre-optic trap

Our paper Trapping and deformation of microbubbles in a dual-beam fibre-optic trap has been published as S E Skelton et al, Journal of Optics 14 075706 (2012).

From the abstract:  We present results of numerical calculations to evaluate the performance of a dual-beam fibre-optic trap for low refractive index particles such as ultrasound contrast agent microbubbles. Using a geometrical optics approach, we determine the range of parameters of microbubble size and beam dimensions over which the optical trap is stable and evaluate the trapping forces and spring constants. Additionally, we calculate the optically induced stress profile over the surface of the microbubble and evaluate the resulting deformation of the microbubble using elastic membrane theory. Our results suggest that such an experiment could be a useful tool for quantifying the mechanical properties (elastic modulus) of the shell material of an ultrasound contrast agent microbubble.

This paper has been included in the IoPscience collection of featured articles "chosen for their quality and recency".