Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Konnect: The smart lecture experience

UCL Physics students Adam & Nat have entered their idea Konnect - The smart lecture experience into the JISC Summer of Student Innovation competition. 

Learning works best with participation. However, lectures are typically highly passive experiences. For the students, lectures are more akin to watching a performance than expanding their knowledge and understanding of a particular topic. This is especially true for students in their first year of university who have become accustomed to relatively small classes at school and college.

We propose a platform that provides a real time connection between students and their lecturer. We aim to make the lecture environment one that promotes engagement; students will start to question their understanding for themselves. Essentially, our platform is comprised of a website, which acts as the hub of the service, and a smart phone app for students. Using these, a connection can be formed between a lecturer and his/her students.

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