Tuesday, 1 October 2013

New Group Members

At the start of the new academic year we are welcoming several new members to the Optical Tweezers Group.  Chris Richards and Tom Smart are new PhD students who will both be working on the project Exploring Stochastic Thermodynamics with Optical Traps.  Chris is a UCL Physics graduate, and worked in the group last year for his MSci project.  Tom comes to us from Leeds University via IoP publishing where he worked for 12 months in the editorial office.

Alessandro Magazzu has also joined us as a visiting student for one month under the EU COST Action MP1205 on Optofluidics.  Alessandro is in the second year of his PhD at Universit√† degli Studi di Messina, Sicily, and is supervised by Dr Onofrio Marago at the NanoSoft Lab, IPCF-CNR.

Finally Adam Plowman is joining us for his MSci project to investigate the dynamics of artificial micoswimmers. 

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  1. Elliot Scientific wishes the new starters success in their fields of study, and invites any UCL Optical Tweezers staff or students with LinkedIn accounts to join other scientists within the network's "Optical Tweezers & Laser Trapping" group.