Monday, 24 February 2014

Symposium on Optical Forces: from atoms to soft-matter

On Wed 26 Feb 14 the OSA Messina Student Chapter and EPS Young Minds Group Messina wil be holding a one-day symposium on Optical Forces at the IPCF-CNR (Messina). The programme for the day includes:

  • J. J. Saenz (University of Madrid) Scattering asymmetry and non-conservative optical forces on small particles (OSA Lecture)
  • P. H. Jones (University College London) Evanescent wave traps and optical binding of particles
  • G. Pesce (University of Naples) Surface charge and hydrodynamic coefficient measurements of micro-particles and living micro-organisms by Optical Tweezers
  • M. G. Donato (IPCF-CNR) Optical trapping of nanostructures
  • C. J. Foot (University of Oxford) Laser cooling and trapping of atoms – past and present (Young Minds Lecture)
  • G. Volpe (Bilkent University) Speckle optical tweezers: Tunable anomalous diffusion and selective optical manipulation
  • O. M. Maragò (IPCF–CNR) Fano-Doppler laser cooling of hybrid nanostructures


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