Friday, 2 January 2015

MAPS Faculty Research Festival

The Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences (MAPS) Research Festival will celebrate research activities across the faculty by highlighting notable achievements and ongoing projects from the eight departments.

The programme for the event is:

Prof. Ofer Lahav (MAPS Vice Dean for Research)  - "Welcome"
Prof. David Price (Vice Provost for Research)  - "UCL Research Strategy"
Prof. Nick Brook (MAPS Dean) - "MAPS Research Strategy"
Dr David Scanlon (Chemistry) - "Polymorph engineering of TiO2: Understanding the correlation between local coordination, absolute reference potentials and practical applications"
Prof. Rachel McKendry (LCN) - "Connecting for Global Health: nanosensors, mobile phones and big data"
Dr Timo Betcke (Mathematics) - "BEM++: Open-source software development in Mathematics"
Ms. Beate Franke (Statistics) - "Understanding network structure"
Dr Phil Jones (Physics and Astronomy) - "Current research in Biological Physics"
Prof. Dario Alfe (Earth Sciences) - "A window to the Earth's core"

Prof. Mat Page (MSSL) - "Discoveries with Swift"
Dr Jack Stilgoe (STS) - "Responsible Research and Innovation"